Table 5.

Most recent status of 110 patients with lupus after very long-term follow-up (mean 15.4 yr; range, 10 to 32 yr)a

Dead 40 (35%) (ESRD n = 9)
Alive70 (65%)(ESRD n = 9)
Alive with renal function61 (56%)
Of 61 patients alive with renal function at last follow-up renal function
reduced11(CRF n = 4)
not known2
urine test
normal urine21
not known2
current treatment
pred alone17
pred + aza28
pred + i.v. cyclob3
not known 2
  • a Data are from a cohort of patients studied at Guy's between 1963 and 1986. See reference 15. ESRD, end-stage renal disease; CRF, chronic renal failure; pred, oral prednisolone; aza, azathioprine; cyclo, cyclophosphamide.

  • b No patient received this for induction treatment.