Table 6.

Glomerular cell-mediated effectors and antibody deposition in the “humorally mediated” GN patientsa

Patient Diagnosis Cells/Glomerulus Humoral Markers
T Cells Macrophages
1SLE02IgM, IgG, fibrin, C3, Clq
2SLE21IgM, IgG, fibrin, C3, Clq, IgA
3IgA0.51IgA, IgM, Clq
4IgA00IgA, IgM, Clq, C3
5Membranous0.51.5IgM, IgG, fibrin, C3, Clq
6IgA00.5IgM, IgG, fibrin, C3, Clq
7FGS01IgM, C3, IgG, IgA
8 FGS 0.5 1.5 IgM, C3, IgG
  • a Abbreviations as in Table 5.