Table 1.

Characteristics of 64,190 women according to category of energy-adjusted vitamin B6 intake in 1986 (the Nurses' Health Study)a

CharacteristicVitamin B6 Category (mg/d)
<3 (n = 46,312)3 to 4 (n = 4640)5 to 9 (n = 7492)10 to 39 (n = 2474)40+ (n = 3272)
aAll values are means, standardized according to the age distribution of the entire cohort. Nutrient values (except for alcohol and total fluid) were adjusted for energy intake.
Age (yr)52.354.053.653.352.1
Daily intake, mean
vitamin B6, dietary (mg)
vitamin B6, supplemental (mg)
dietary calcium (mg)711751742746737
supplemental calcium (mg)286505525575655
animal protein (gm)5457565656
sodium (mg)28732818279827612757
potassium (mg)30033234319232493267
sucrose (gm)3736363636
magnesium (mg)286338337343338
vitamin C (mg)239437600801855
alcohol (gm)66666
caffeine (mg)291258260268254
fluid (ml)19932071206220362038