Table 3.

Characteristics of 64,190 women according to category of energy-adjusted vitamin C intake in 1986 (the Nurses' Health Study)a

CharacteristicVitamin C Category (mg/d)
<250 (n = 39,242)250 to 499 (n = 12,312)500 to 999 (n = 7597)1000 to 1499 (n = 3503)1500+ (n = 1536)
aAll values are means, standardized according to the age distribution of the entire cohort. Nutrient values (except for alcohol and total fluid) were adjusted for energy intake.
Age (yr)
Daily intake, mean14833770012211833
vitamin C, dietary (mg)131195166165176
vitamin C, supplemental (mg)1814153510551657
dietary calcium (mg)710734736741743
supplemental calcium (mg)270401521665802
animal protein (gm)5555555655
sodium (mg)29092765276827302708
potassium (mg)29103274317232423385
sucrose (gm)3637373637
magnesium (mg)285322321333356
vitamin B6 (mg)49182750
alcohol (gm)66765
caffeine (mg)298254261263270
fluid (ml)19572126208620921949