Table 3.

TBW, ECW, and BF measured by different techniques in renal transplant patients (mean, SD, and range)a

bThe number of patients in each comparison differs due to missing values (see text).
aTBW, total body water; ECW, extracellular water; BF, body fat; D2O, deuterium; MF-BIA, multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis; KBr, potassium bromide; DEXA, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry; anthr, anthropometry.
TBWD2O (L) to 50.273
TBWMF-BIA (L)33.55.919.3 to 48.473
ECWKBr (L)15.52.910.4 to 24.372
ECWMF-BIA (L)18.73.611.1 to 29.072
BFDEXA (%)30.310.59.0 to 58.075
BFMF-BIA (%) to 54.275
BFanthr (%)27.910.28.4 to 48.074
BFMF-BIA (%) to 54.274
BFDEXA (%) to 55.872
BFanthr (%) to 48.072