Table 4.

Results of the Cox proportional hazards analysis of intention-to-treat and total survivala

CharacteristicIntention to TreatTotal Survival (limited)Total Survival (unlimited)
RRP ValueRRP ValueRRP Value
aTotal survival analysis was censored after 10 yr of follow-up (limited) or not (unlimited). P values are derived from T statistics. Relative risks (RR) are given for the presence versus the absence of the indicated comorbidity factor, unless stated otherwise between the brackets. Significant P values are printed in bold.
PD versus HD as start1.13>0.20.980.101.05>0.5
Age [per year older than the mean]1.04 <0.001 1.05 <0.001 1.05 <0.001
Cardiovascular disease1.
Diabetes mellitus2.09 <0.001 1.78 0.001 1.93 <0.001
Hypercholesterolemia0.71>0.10.61 0.02 0.660.06
Liver disease0.610.20.630.20.71>0.2
Auto-immune disease1.450.21.480.21.55>0.1
Gender: male versus female1.100.21.16 0.01 1.17 0.02
Started second period0.800.20.68 0.01 0.62 0.002