Table 1.

Studies comparing prednisone withdrawal with continued prednisone

First Author (reference)Year(s) PublishedFollow-Up (mo)Number StudiedPeer ReviewedEnd Point
Acute RejectionGraft Survival
aThe report by Gulanikar et al. (13) included patients also reported by Sinclair et al. (18). The former report provided detailed information on acute rejection and was used in the analysis of acute rejection. The latter report provided data on graft survival (but not acute rejection) and was used in the analysis of graft survival.
Isoniemi, H.M. (5,6,7)1990, 1991, 19934864YesYesYes
Maiorca, R. (8,9)1987, 19882766NoYesYes
Schulak, J.A. (10,11)1990, 19921867YesYesYes
Hollander, A.A. (12)19971484YesYesYes
Gulanikar, A.C. (13)a19916085NoYesYes
Ratcliffe, P.J. (14,15)1993, 199612100YesYesYes
Ponticelli, C. (16,17)199748229YesYesYes
Ahsan, N. (3)199912266YesYesYes
Lebranchu, Y. (2)199912500NoYesYes
Sinclair, N.R. (18)a199260523YesNoYes