Table 1.

Participant clinical profiles at the time of renal biopsy or autopsy and summary of in situ and PCR analysesa

PatientGender/Age (Yr)Racial/Ethnic IdentityAntiretroviral TreatmentCD4 Count (Cells/mm3)Viral Burden (Copies/ml)Circularized Virus PCRmRNA In Situ HybridizationIn Situ DNA PCR
aHAART, highly active autoretroviral therapy; ddI, dideoxyinosine; NA, not applicable; nd, not done.
bNot done at the time of renal biopsy or autopsy.
cHIV-1 seronegative patient with lupus nephritis.
dLow limit of detection was 50 copies/ml.
eFailed HAART.
fTissue was from autopsy, and mRNA degradation may have occurred.
gAutopsy material not done because of the length of the postmortem interval.
hTissue was from autopsy and had significant autolysis; identity of positive cells could not be determined accurately.
With renal disease
1M /38HispanicHAART201.5 × 105+-ndnd
2F /37HispanicHAART20ndb++ndnd
3M /48African AmericanNone807.0 × 105++nd+
4M /19African AmericanHAART102.4 × 105++++
5M /40African AmericanNone1758.0 × 102++ndnd
6M /34AsianHAART336Undetectable+++-
7M /40HispanicNevirapine, nelfinavir9001.0 × 103+-ndnd
8M /32African AmericanHAART2901.8 × 104++++
9M /34African AmericanNone221. × 104++nd-
10M /46African AmericanHAART2162.1 × 104--ndnd
11M /36African AmericanNone4597.5 × 105-+++
12M /49African AmericanHAART966.1 × 104++ndnd
13cF /44African AmericanNAndnd----
14M /53African AmericanHAART235ndb--ndnd
15M /43African AmericanHAART330Undetectable-+nd+
16F /38HispanicNone12601.7 × 103-+nd-
17M /45HispanicHAART330ndb--nd+
18M /64HispanicHAART7701.2 × 104--ndnd
19M /42HispanicddI290Undetectable++++
20F /44African AmericanNone1254.9 × 105++nd+
21M /51African AmericanHAART426Undetectabled++++
22M /40HispanicNonec39ndb+ndgndg+
Without renal disease
23M /39African AmericanNonee73ndb+-e,f-e,f+
24M /46CaucasianCrixivan, d4T2038.0 × 104+ndf,gndf,g+g,h