Table 6.

Summary of published data in the expression of FcαR1 on HMCa

Category Method Remarks Reference
Detection of FcαR1
cultured HMC PCR, NB Upregulated by IL-6, TNF-α 25
microdissected glomeruli PCR Positive in 40% of IgAN, negative in healthy donor 32
cultured HMC NB 23
No detection of FcαR1
cultured HMC PCR Amplified products with partial homology to CD89 28
cultured HMC PCR 29
cultured HMC and section PCR, Imm 30
cultured HMC PCR, NB, FACS 31
  • a NB, Northern blotting; IgAN, IgA nephropathy; Imm, immunostaining; FACS, flow cytometry. Other abbreviations as in Tables 1,2,3,4.