Table 2.

Characteristics of CHOICE participants and the U.S. dialysis population (USRDS data)a

CharacteristicCHOICE (n = 1005)1997 USRDS
aUSRDS, U.S. Renal Data Study; ESRD, end-stage renal disease; HD, hemodialysis; HTN, hypertension; GN, glomerulonephritis.
bExcludes transplantation.
Mean age at ESRD incidence (yr)57.860.2
Gender (% female)45.746.0
Race (% African-American)28.431.9
Dialysis modality (% HD)b73.083.2
Median no. of comorbid conditions4.0
ESRD cause
diabetes mellitus (%)46.737.4
HTN (%)17.528.7
GN (%)16.111.0
other (%)19.722.9
Median time to enrollment (days)
from first nephrology consultation355
from first dialysis46
from Form 2728 date31