Table 6.

Odds ratios of prevalent CVD associated with diabetes and modality: comparison of assessment of the dependent variable (prevalent CVD) by clinical data versus Form 2728a

ModelIndependent Variables(a) Dependent Variable based on Clinical Data(b) Dependent Variable based on Form 2728
OR of Prevalent CVD95% CIOR of Prevalent CVD95% CI
aPrevalent CVD (defined as CAD, MI, CVA/TIA, or PVD). Clinical data were used for all independent variables. Models 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b are simple logistic regression models. Models 3a, 3b, 4a, and 4b are multiple regression models. OR, odds ratio. Other abbreviations as in Tables 1,2,3,4.
bP < 0.001.
cP < 0.05.
Models 1a and 1bDiabetes mellitus (+ versus -)3.03b(2.34 to 3.92)1.99b(1.52 to 2.59)
Models 2a and 2bModality. (PD versus HD)0.69c(0.52 to 0.92)1.06(0.79 to 1.42)
Models 3a and 3bDiabetes mellitus (+ versus -)3.00b(2.32 to 3.90)2.00b(1.52 to 2.60)
Modality (PD versus HD)0.71c(0.53 to 0.95)1.10(0.82 to 1.48)
Models 4a and 4b (adjusted for age, gender, and race)Diabetes mellitus (+ versus -)3.16b(2.38 to 4.12)2.06b(1.55 to 2.73)
Modality (PD versus HD)0.85(0.62 to 1.18)1.27(0.92 to 1.74)