Table 7.

Odds ratios of simulated 1-yr mortality, associated with diabetes and CVD: comparison of assessment of independent variables (diabetes and CVD) by clinical data versus Form 2728a

ModelIndependent Variables(a) Independent Variables based on Clinical Data(b) Independent Variables based on Form 2728
OR of Mortality95% CIOR of Mortality95% CI
aModels compare diabetes and CVD data from the CHOICE clinical data (a) versus Form 2728 (b). Simulated 1-yr mortality is the dichotomous outcome. Models 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b are simple logistic regression models. Models 3a, 3b, and 4 are multiple logistic models. Model 4 incorporates clinical data for CVD and Form 2728 data for diabetes. Abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 3.
bP < 0.001.
cP < 0.05.
dP < 0.01.
Models 1a and 1bDiabetes mellitus2.18b(1.64 to 2.90)1.43c(1.08 to 1.90)
Models 2a and 2bCVD3.22b(2.39 to 1.33)1.59d(1.20 to 2.10)
Models 3a and 3bDiabetes mellitus1.72b(1.28 to 2.31)1.33c(1.00 to 1.75)
CVD2.82b(2.08 to 3.84)1.51d(1.14 to 2.00)
Model 4Diabetes mellitus1.15(0.86 to 1.53)
CVD3.12b(2.31 to 4.24)