Table 3.

Ten-year experience with transplantation of kidneys from HCV-positive donors into HCV-positive recipients a

CharacteristicELISA2 Positive Donor to ELISA2 Positive RecipientELISA2 Negative Donor to ELISA2 Positive Recipient
aData from reference 91.ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Other abbreviations as in Table 1.
bALT levels >45 U/L but <2.5 times the upper normal limits.
cALT levels >2.5 times the upper normal limits for more than 6 mo. No significant differences were observed between the two groups.
No. of patients98158
Follow-up (mo)4352
Graft survival74%79%
Patient survival89%87%
Liver disease (ALT)
mild abnormalities b25%22%
chronic liver disease c25%20%
Death due to liver disease02