Table 5.

Correlation of renal volumes slopes with initial age and GFR slopes in nine ADPKD patientsa

ParameterInitial Age (yr)GFR Slopeb
aTabled values are Spearman rank correlation coefficients (P value for test of correlation significantly different from zero).
bAnnual slope in iothalamate clearance (ml/min per 1.73 m2 BSA).
Renal volume (cc/yr)0.43 (0.25)-0.48 (0.19)
Cyst volume (cc/yr)0.42 (0.30)-0.71 (0.046)
Cyst percent (%/yr)0.18 (0.67)-0.21 (0.61)
Parenchymal volume (cc/yr)-0.18 (0.67)0.33 (0.42)