Table 2.

Structural characteristics of 21 type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy versus 14 non-diabetic subjectsa

VariableType 2NondiabeticP Value
aData are expressed as mean values and coefficients of variation (CV = SD/Mean) in parentheses. All structural characteristics are significantly different between the groups. VvMes/Glom, volume fraction of mesangium; VvMat/Glom, volume fraction of matrix; GBM, glomerular basement membrane; VvInterstitium/tubulointerstitium, volume fraction of interstitium; FPWpbm, foot process width on the peripheral basement membrane; FPWmes, foot process width on the mesangial surface.
VvMes/Glom0.45 (0.29)0.18 (0.17)<0.001
VvMat/Glom0.28 (0.32)0.10 (0.21)<0.001
VvInterstitium/tubulointerstitium0.32 (0.22)0.19 (0.32)<0.001
GBM width (nm)665 (0.21)361 (0.14)<0.001
FPWpbm (nm)892 (0.33)595 (0.20)0.001
FPWmes (nm)1330 (0.40)777 (0.17)0.001