Table 2.

Failure of the calculated FHS risk to predict IHD among renal transplant patients, independent of age, diabetes mellitus, and cigarette smokinga

VariableRelative Risk95% CIP Value
aCox proportional-hazards model (n = 1035 transplants and 117 IHD events) was used. Shown are relative risks, 95% confidence intervals, and P values. A relative risk greater or less than 1.00 indicates a higher or lower risk for IHD, respectively. For example, the risks are approximately 6% higher for each 1-yr increase in age for men and 3% higher for women (add effects of age + age in women). The FHS risk is defined by a Cox proportional-hazards model that includes age, diabetes, and other risk factors (see Materials and Methods for details). Cases with any missing data were excluded. CI, confidence interval.
Age (yr)1.061.04 to 1.080.000
Age of women (yr)0.970.96 to 0.980.000
Diabetic (Y/N)1.031.00 to 1.050.034
Diabetic women (Y/N)6.563.44 to 12.50.000
Smoking (Y/N)1.781.19 to 2.680.005
FHS risk1.080.95 to 1.230.230