Table 1.

Results of sequence similarity analysis using murine EST and genes located in the vicinity of the pcy locusa

Mouse EST or GeneHomologous Human EST or GenebSequence Identity
aEST, expressed sequence-tagged site.
bAll human homologous EST and genes that were identified are located within the critical region of NPHP3 (see Figure 1), demonstrating synteny of the human NPHP3 and the murine pcy locus.
D9Mit24, trf (transferrin)TF (transferrin)94/115 (81%)
04.MMHAP88FRB7.seqSLC21a2 (prostaglandin transporter)111/127 (87%)
D18389, EST-cluster Mm. 1687TOPBP1280/327 (85%)
R74726EST cluster Hs. 103379 (WI-15706)169/191 (88%)