Table 1.

Characteristics and sources of anti-TIMP and anti-MMP antibodiesa

aAll antibodies were tested by Western blot under nonreducing conditions to check their specificity (Figure 1). TIMP, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase.
TIMP1PolyclonalRabbitNative human TIMP15 to 10 μg/mlBiosys (Compiègne, France)
TIMP2PolyclonalRabbitHuman C-terminus synthetic peptide4 to 10 μg/mlChemicon (Temecula, CA)
TIMP3PolyclonalRabbitHuman C-terminus synthetic peptide4 to 20 μg/mlChemicon
MMP2PolyclonalRabbitHuman hinge region synthetic peptide5 to 20 μg/mlChemicon
MonoclonalMouseHuman pro-MMP24 μg/mlChemicon
MMP9PolyclonalRabbitHuman C-terminus synthetic peptide4 to 10 μg/mlChemicon
MT1-MMPPolyclonalSheepNative human antigen50 μg/mlG. Murphy