Table 3.

Average daily dietary protein, fat, carbohydrate, and calorie intake of patients undergoing CAPD according to the weekly urea clearance and residual renal functiona

ParameterGroup I (n = 94)Group II (n = 58)Group III (n = 90)P
aData expressed in mean (SD) and compared by use of one-way ANOVA.
bP < 0.05, c P < 0.005, d P < 0.01, e P = 0.001, f P = NS, and g P = 0.05, compared with group I by use of the Bonferroni post hoc test.
hP = NS, group II versus group III by use of the Bonferroni post hoc test.
Protein (g)70 (26)59 (22)b60 (24)b,h0.006
Fat (g)53 (21)41 (17)c45 (20)b,h0.001
Carbohydrate (g)198 (63)166 (58)d183 (66)f,h0.009
Total calorie (kcal)1541 (454)1268 (414)e1367 (468)b,h0.001
Protein (g/kg body wt)1.23 (0.47)1.12 (0.49)f0.99 (0.40)e,h0.002
Fat (g/kg body wt)0.93 (0.38)0.75 (0.33)f0.80 (0.39)f,h0.010
Carbohydrate (g/kg body wt)3.47 (1.31)3.01 (1.20)b3.22 (1.20)f,h0.094
Calorie (kcal/kg body wt)27.3 (8.9)23.8 (8.6)g23.0 (8.2)c,h0.002
% daily calorie intake contributed by
dietary protein18 (4)19 (4)f17 (4)f,h0.133
dietary fat31 (8)29 (6)f29 (7)f,h0.323
dietary carbohydrate52 (9)52 (7)f54 (9)f,h0.414