Table 4.

Linear regression analysis showing significant and independent effects of total weekly Kt/V and residual GFR on dietary protein and calorie intake in patients undergoing CAPD after adjustment for age, gender, body weight, and diabetes

ParameterEstimated Mean95% Confidence IntervalP
aIn relation to every 0.25-unit increase in total weekly Kt/V.
bIn relation to every 1 ml/min per 1.73 m2 increase in residual GFR.
Protein (g/kg per d)a0.052(0.023-0.081)0.001
Calorie (kcal/kg per d)a0.570(0.049-1.092)0.032
Protein (g/kg per d)b0.041(0.009-0.072)0.012
Calorie (kcal/kg per d)b0.838(0.279-1.397)0.003