Table 4.

Unadjusted allowable Medicare PMPM expenditures in the 1-yr follow-up period, censored at modality change

Hct < 30%30% ≤ Hct < 33%33% ≤ Hct < 36%36% ≤ Hct < 39%Hct ≥ 39%All
aThe patient numbers are different from those in Table 1 because some patients had previous hospitalizations at the end of the follow-up period. When we calculated the per-member-per-month (PMPM) expenditures, we excluded patients with Medicare as a secondary payer.
Total patientsa775922,27426,271386448660,654
Total allowable PMPM expenditures ($)628354054730445644155167
change (%)32.814.3Reference-5.8-6.7
EPO allowable PMPM expenditures ($)774559408297251505
change (%)89.536.9Reference-27.3-38.5