Table 3.

Multivariate analysis for patients with ANCA-SVV versus matched control subjects (n = 65)a

ExposuresbMatched-Pair Odds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
aEach exposure was evaluated while controlling for the other exposures in the table.
bDry-cleaning chemicals were not evaluated because the exposure was noted for <5% of the control subjects.
Silica4.431.36 to 14.380.013
Smoking (previous or current)0.660.25 to 1.780.412
Gasoline or other fuels0.430.10 to 2.010.284
Pesticides or extermination chemicals2.320.47 to 11.50.303
Cleaning agents, solvents, or degreasers1.000.25 to 3.960.994
Glues or adhesives0.490.05 to 4.650.536
Paint or paint products0.800.25 to 6.070.801