Table 4.

Relative risk of death according to the Cox proportional-hazards model for SF36 and selected variables with P < 0.10 (adjusted for age, gender, race, and underlying renal disease)a

Variable (Increment and Direction)Relative Risk of Death (95% Confidence Interval)P
a The magnitude of increments and direction of change are described in parentheses.
SF36 total score (every 10-unit decrease)2.07 (1.08 to 3.98)0.024
SGA (every one-unit increase)8.68 (1.85 to 40.61)0.006
Serum albumin (every 1 gm/dl decrease)7.92 (2.04 to 30.73)0.003
 cholesterol (every 10 mg/dl decrease)2.69 (1.48 to 4.89)0.001
 creatinine (every 1 mg/dl decrease)1.25 (0.97 to 1.61)0.083
 C-reactive protein (every 10 ng/ml increase)1.39 (0.98 to 1.97)0.062