Table 5.

Cox regression-calculated hazard ratios of death for SF36 and its components and subcategoriesa

Scales and Summary MeasuresOdds Ratio of Death95% Confidence IntervalPPseudoR2χ2
a Odd ratios are based on 10-unit decrements in all QoL scores.
SF36 total score2.071.08 to 3.980.020.13407.64
 physical health1.440.88 to 2.360.140.06713.83
 physical functioning0.980.70 to 1.330.840.02611.49
 role-physical1.050.86 to 1.270.630.02951.68
 bodily pain1.781.09 to 2.900.020.15458.81
 general health1.340.87 to
 mental health2.461.26 to 4.80<0.010.198411.32
 vitality1.470.94 to 2.300.090.07764.43
 social functioning1.501.05 to
 role emotional1.301.02 to 1.650.030.13137.49
 mental health1.380.88 to