Table 1.

Characteristics of selected published studies of high-intensity hemodialysisa

StudyRandomized?Blinded?Prospective?OutcomesComparison GroupConcurrent or Historical Control?Conclusion
a HR-QOL, health related quality of life; HTN, hypertension; LV, left ventricular.
b Not a crossover design; order = (1) conventional, then (2) extended duration or frequency; no return to conventional therapy.
DePalma et al., 1969 (8)NoNoYesBPSame subjectsbHistoricalMore frequent home-based hemodialysis is feasible
Body weight
Serum creatinine
Buoncristiani et al., 1988 (3)NoNoYesBPSame subjectsbHistoricalDaily hemodialysis improves hypertension control
Dry body weight and corrects metabolic abnormalities
Charra et al., 1992 (2)NoNoYesSurvivalNoneNot applicableNocturnal hemodialysis controls hypertension and
Hospitalization volume overload and reduces death and
BP cardiovascular disease
Serum phosphate
Dry body weight
O’Sullivan et al., 1998 (9)NoNoYesBPSame subjectsbHistoricalNocturnal hemodialysis improves biochemical and
Dietary intake hormonal millieu
Mucsi et al., 1998 (10)NoNoYesSerum phosphateSame subjectsbHistoricalNocturnal hemodialysis improves phosphorus
Serum calcium control
Woods et al., 1999 (11)NoNoNoSurvivalSame subjectsbHistoricalDaily hemodialysis improves hypertension control
Fistula patency and corrects nutritional and metabolic
BP abnormalities. Vascular access patency rates
Dry body weight and corrects nutritional and metabolic
Serum albumin
Kooistra and Vos, 1999 (12)NoNoYesBPSame subjectsbHistoricalDaily home hemodialysis improved BP, volume
Volume control control, and general physical and mental health
HR-QOL (Nottingham Health Profile and SF-36) with fewer and less dramatic metabolic changes than other reports
Lockridge et al., 1999 (13)NoNoYesHR-QOL (SF-36)Same subjectsbHistoricalDramatic improvement in many parameters,
BP marked reduction in anti-HTN, binder, and EPO
Anti-HTN drugs use. No inference tests conducted
Hospital days
Pinciaroli, 1999 (14)NoNoNoBPSame subjectsbHistoricalPartial correction of uremic hormonal millieu, and
Hemoglobin improved nutritional status
LV dimensions
Body weight
Serum albumin, transferrin, total protein
Erectile function
Hanly and Pierratos, 2001 (15)NoNoYesApneic episodes during sleepSame subjectsbHistoricalNocturnal hemodialysis corrects sleep apnea
Apnea-hypopnea index