Table 3.

Cox proportional hazard model for the 310 studied patientsa

CharacteristicsAdjusted Hazard Ratio95% CIP Value
aRisk of occurrence of a renal event according to clinical, biological, and genetic characteristics. Nephropathy stage: 1, absent; 2, incipient; 3, established; 4, advanced. A renal event was defined as the progression from one stage of nephropathy to a higher one. CI, confidence interval.
Gender (male compared with female)1.560.83-2.910.1658
Mean HbA1c during follow-up (for each increase of 1%)1.361.08-1.700.0087
Baseline SBP (compared with <115 mmHg)0.0646
115 to 1241.740.62-4.890.2953
125 to 1341.540.50-4.700.4521
135 or more3.511.21-10.180.0211
Diabetes mellitus duration (compared with <10 yr)0.3682
10 to 191.480.72-3.030.2880
20 or more0.920.41-2.040.8378
Baseline nephropathy stage (compared with stage 1)0.4347
stage 20.590.23-1.920.3257
stage 31.470.56-3.850.4370
stage 41.920.53-6.930.3218
ACE polymorphism (ID or DD compared with II genotype)5.001.51-16.570.0086