Table 4.

Cox proportional hazard model for the 251 patients without nephropathy at baselinea

Adjusted Hazard Ratio95% CIP Value
aRisk of occurrence of a renal event according to clinical, biological, and genetic characteristics. Range of UAE (mg/L) in the quintiles: first quintile, 2 to 3; second quintile, 3 to 4; third quintile, 4 to 7; fourth quintile, 8 to 11; fifth quintile, 11 to 19.
Gender (male compared with female)2.451.16-5.210.0195
Mean HbAlc during follow-up (each increase of 1%)1.210.91-1.620.1861
Baseline SBP (compared with <115 mmHg)--0.2834
115 to 1241.930.68-5.530.2184
125 to 1341.720.55-5.390.3509
135 and more2.930.95-8.970.0604
Diabetes mellitus duration (compared with <10 yr)--0.9526
10 to 191.130.52-2.500.7553
20 or more1.060.44-2.510.9007
UAE (compared with first quintile)--0.0008
second quintile1.100.31-3.890.8866
third quintile1.290.40-4.310.6740
fourth quintile0.960.27-3.350.9457
fifth quintile4.641.69-12.750.0029
ACE polymorphism (ID or DD compared with II genotype)4.501.05-19.370.0431