Table 3.

Cardiovascular events (fatal and nonfatal) and causes of death in the study cohort

Cardiovascular EventsnCauses of Deathn
Arrhythmia15Cardiovascular arrhythmia4
Heart failure12heart failure8
Myocardial infarction10myocardial infarction8
Angina pectoris9sudden death3
Sudden death3pulmonary embolism2
Pulmonary embolism2mesenteric infarction1
Peripheral artery disease2Other causes
Mesenteric infarction11cachexia10
Transient ischemic attack2sepsis/infection9
Major venous thrombosis2neoplasia3
Retinal artery thrombosis1hyperkalemia3
gastrointestinal hemorrhage1
diabetes mellitus, hyperosmolar coma1
treatment withdrawal1