Table 4.

All factors associated with CAD among new patients with ESRD (full model, r2 = 26%)

VariableAORaP Value
aAdjusted for conventional and proposed uremic factors, all 18 dialysis network areas, and elements of pre-ESRD care (including late referral to a nephrologist, frequency of visits to a dietitian and the nephrologist, and erythropoietin use in the pre-ESRD period).
bNetwork 5 includes Washington, DC; Maryland; Virginia; and West Virginia.
cNetwork 12 includes Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.
age (per 10 yr)1.540.0001
male gender (versus female)1.210.03
diabetes mellitus (versus all others)1.610.0001
predialysis diastolic BP (per 10 mmHg)0.900.004
creatinine clearance (per 1 ml/min)1.060.0001
hematocrit (per 1%)1.020.009
serum albumin levels (per 1 g/dl)0.850.01
white (versus non-white)1.850.0001
Geographic region
network 5b (versus United States)1.400.02
network 12c (versus United States)0.720.07
Vascular/other comorbidities
peripheral vascular disease2.820.0001
cerebrovascular disease1.890.0001
Structural cardiac abnormalities
left ventricular hypertrophy1.850.0001