Table 3. Multivariate regression analysis of the relationship between HbAlc, AER, GBM width, GFR, and other clinical and demographic variablesa

Variables dependentIndependentStatistics BetaPr2R2
a Results of a stepwise multiple linear regression by excluding the less significant variables (best fit model). Statistics Beta, Standardized β-coefficient; r2, partial r-square values (variance explained by each independent variables); Adjusted R2, overall r-square values (variance explained by all independent variables); x, interaction between independent variables.
HbAlcFasting glycemia0.52<0.0010.310.47
Smoking habit0.31<0.0010.15
Insulin therapy0.220.0120.07
Male gender−0.200.0200.06
AERVv (mes/glom)0.320.0030.130.30
GBM width0.280.0160.11
Smoking habit x HbAlc0.240.0400.08
GBM widthVv (mes/glom)0.53<0.0010.290.42
Heavy smoking x HbAlc0.250.0030.10
Diabetes duration0.230.0100.07
GFRVv (mes/glom)−0.57<0.0010.250.35
GBM width0.270.0120.12
Heavy current smoking0.240.0280.11