Table 2.

Unadjusted and multivariable-adjusted analyses with tHcy levels as the outcome variable

VariableUnadjusted Analysis,P Value (r)Multivariable-Adjusted Analysis,aP ValueMultivariable-Adjusted Geometric Mean Difference in tHcy Levels, SHD versus NHD (μM)
a Forced analysis of covariance model adjusted for modality, age, gender, vitamin B12 levels, PLP levels, and folate levels (R = 0.38).
b Log transformed.
c NHD versus SHD.
PLP0.002 (−0.41)0.32
Vitamin B120.260.90
Folateb0.02 (−0.31)0.31
Creatinineb<0.0001 (0.53)
Albumin0.02 (−0.33)
Modalityc<0.0001 (0.52)0.0016.0