Table 6.

Clinical features and renal outcomes in reported series of MIGa

No. of PatientsAge at Onset (yr)HBPRenal Function at DiagnosisH and/or PFollow-Up Period (yr)Renal Function at Last Follow-Up Examination
a MIG, mesangial IgG glomerulonephritis; HBP, high BP; CrCl, creatinine clearance; CRF, chronic renal failure; H, hematuria; P, proteinuria; ESRD, end-stage renal disease.
b Age at the time of renal biopsy.
c Including three patients who exhibited bouts of gross hematuria.
d Four patients were lost to follow-up monitoring.
Sato et al. (7)633(7 to 52)b1 /6Median CrCl, 98 ml/min (18 to 126 ml/min)P, 6/6 (0.1 to 0.7 g/d); H, 6/6c3.5Stable, 6/6
Yoshikawa et al. (8)104.7(1.9 to 15)0 /10CRF, 0/10Nephrotic syndrome, 4/10; H, 8/103.4(0.4 to 8.4)CRF, 0/10
Present report1419(13 to 47)6 /14CRF, 3/14P, 14/14 (1 to 13 g/d); H, 12/14c12(3 to 25)dESRD, 4/14; CRF, 3/14