Table 3.

Follow-up study: relationship between intima-media thickness (IMT) changes and risk factors in patients with initially normal arterial structurea

Risk FactorChanges in IMT r (P)
a Data were expressed as Pearson product moment correlation coefficients (r) and P values. Significant correlation are shown in boldface type.
Age0.15 (0.50)
Gender0.16 (0.50)
Smoking0.11 (0.63)
Systolic pressure0.10 (0.67)
Cholesterol0.06 (0.79)
Albumin0.21 (0.35)
Calcium * Phosphate−0.16 (0.49)
Homocysteine (lg10)0.05 (0.83)
CRP (lg10)0.54 (0.01)
ADMA0.51 (0.02)