Table 4.

Multivariate analysis of the risk for death beyond 6 mo after renal transplantation; antibody versus no antibody inductiona

Events (n)RR95% CIP
a Cox model corrected for gender, race, HLA mismatch, % PRA, DGF, cold ischemia time, dialysis time, etiology of end-stage renal disease, CMV risk group, donor source, era effect, immunosuppressive therapy, and occurrence of acute rejection within the first 6 mo posttransplant. DWFG, death with functioning graft.
DWFG45900.940.88 to 1.010.10
Overall death11,4041.101.05 to 1.15< 0.001
Cardiovascular death45031.171.10 to 1.25< 0.001
Infectious death15411.161.04 to 1.300.011
Cancer death7181.351.15 to 1.59< 0.001