Table 2.

Morphology: C4d+ vs C4d acute rejectiona

C4d+(n = 20)C4d(n = 47)P
a PTC, peritubular capillaries; MNC, mononuclear cells.
b Percent (%) cases with an average of ≥2 neutrophils per high-power field in peritubular capillaries in ten ×40 (field diameter, 0.55 mm) fields.
c Percent (%) cases with an average of ≥1 neutrophil per glomerulus.
d Percent (%) cases.
e Mean percent cortex involved.
f Fibrinoid necrosis in an arteriole only was seen in one case.
Neutrophils in
Fibrinoid necrosis
Fibrin thrombi
Endarteritisd25320.7 (ns)
MNC tubulitisd70100<0.001
Acute tubular injuryd759<0.0001
    focal necrotic tubulesd4020.0002
Interstitial inflammatione27.2 ± 2738 ± 210.09 (ns)
    hemorrhaged25150.4 (ns)
Cortical infarctiond520.5 (ns)