Table 6.

Classification, frequency, and outcome of acute renal allograft rejection

ClassificationnFrequencyaGraft Lossat 1 yr
a Frequency in patients with biopsies of first rejection episode. In the present series, overall 31% (72 of 232) of patients had an episode of acute rejection diagnosed on biopsy.
b C4d negative in peritubular capillaries.
c One patient died with functioning graft, and one patient was lost to follow up <1 mo after renal transplantation.
d Includes patients with combined humoral and cellular rejection.
e Includes two patients whose initial biopsy showed acute tubular injury.
Acute cellular rejectionb
    type 1 (tubulointerstitial)3248%3% (1 of 30)c
    type 2 (endarteritis)1522%7% (1 of 15)
Acute humoral rejectiond
    type 1 (capillary)e1522%27% (4 of 15)
    type 2 (arterial fibrinoid  necrosis)57%40% (2 of 5)