Table 6.

Areas under the ROC curves for pharmacokinetic parameters of total and free MPA to discriminate between patients with or without adverse events of infections (n = 18) and/or leukopenia (n = 2) during the first 70 d posttransplant

PK ParameterArea Under the ROC Curve95% Confidence IntervalP
MPA C0 (mg/L)0.590.42 to 0.750.15
MPA C12 (mg/L)0.640.48 to 0.810.06
MPA Cmax (mg/L)0.510.29 to 0.720.48
MPA-AUC0–12 (mg × h/L)0.580.40 to 0.750.20
MPA-AUC0,75min,4h (mg × h/L)0.510.33 to 0.680.48
MPA-AUC0–2 (mg × h/L)0.580.40 to 0.770.18
Free MPA C0 (mg/L)0.560.37 to 0.740.29
Free MPA C12 (mg/L)0.520.35 to 0.690.41
Free MPA Cmax (mg/L)0.680.50 to 0.860.03
Free MPA-AUC0–12 (mg × h/L)0.710.55 to 0.870.005