Table 2.

Clinical outcomes and capillary C4d staining for recipients with steroid-resistant graft dysfunctiona

Patients with Steroid-Resistant Graft DysfunctionAll (n = 28 of 58)C4dPTC+ (n = 9 of 16)C4dPTC (n = 19 of 42)
a ALS, antilymphocyte serum; IA, immunoadsorption. Twenty-seven of the patients experienced biopsy-proven rejection, according to the Banff classification. One C4dPTC+ recipient exhibited a Banff borderline lesion in a renal allograft biopsy.
b One recipient with immunologic graft loss received antilymphocyte antibody therapy with OKT3. The other four patients underwent ALS therapy.
Graft lossb541
Reversible by ALS21318
Reversible by IA plus ALS22