Table 2.

Clinical characteristics of the peritonitis episodes

ParameterSuccess GroupFail GroupP
a Severe peritonitis is defined as peritonitis that required Tenckhoff catheter removal.
b Relapse is defined as recurrence of peritonitis with the same organism within 28 d after the completion of antibiotic therapy.
c Mann-Whitney U test.
d Fisher’s exact test.
e χ2 test.
Number of patients5149
Previous peritonitis
    number of episodes, median (range)1 (0 to 9)2 (0 to 16)0.062c
    severe peritonitisa (n)3120.012d
Current episode is relapseb (n)450.68d
Initial antibiotic regimen (n)0.89e
    vancomycin + cephalosporin2223
    cefazolin + netilmicin1815
Exit site infection (n)13140.73e
Number of days between Tenckhoff catheter removal and reinsertion, median (range)40 (28 to 125)32 (28 to 112)0.3c