Table 4.

Relationship between MDRD GFR and Cockcroft-Gault (CG) creatinine clearance in white and black participantsa

MDRD GFR(ml/min per 1.73 m2)CG CrCl (ml/min)
White ParticipantsBlack Participants
<3030 to 5960 to 79≥80<300 to 5960 to 79≥80
a The number of participants and the percentages that would be classified into the same clearance category by both estimating equations are shown in bold. Numbers and percentages for noncongruent results (i.e., participants who would be categorized differently by the two formulae) are also shown. n represents the actual number of participants in each cell (i.e., unweighted data), whereas percentages are derived from weighted analyses. MDRD GFR estimated according to MDRD Equation 7. CG CrCl Cockcroft-Gault creatinine clearance.
    % within MDRD GFR category7426955.1
    % within CG CrCl category230.5370.2
30 to 59
    % within MDRD GFR category4.45627131169146.7
    % within CG CrCl category7454152.953352.90.5
60 to 79
    % within MDRD GFR category<0.11335530.4183844
    % within CG CrCl category2.943674210494418
    % within MDRD GFR category0.912872.51880
    % within CG CrCl category2.51856175482