Table 1.

Dialysis modality and Medical Evidence Report (Form 2728) characteristics of the CHOICE cohort (recruited 1995–1998), compared with all incident end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients receiving dialysis

CharacteristicCHOICE Cohort (n = 1041)1997 USRDS Incident Dialysis Patients (n = 79,102)
a Estimates are based on dialysis modality distribution in the prevalent US Renal Data System (USRDS) population.
Form 2728 demographic data
    Mean age, years60.2
    Sex, %
    Race, %
Form 2728 comorbidity data
    Cause of ESRD, %
        diabetes mellitus4742
    hypertension, %7474
    diabetes, %4041
    insulin dependence, %2924
    coronary artery disease, %2125
    myocardial infarction, %99
    congestive heart failure, %2535
    cardiac arrest, %1.41.0
    cardiac dysrhythmia,56.2
    pericarditis, %1.41.1
    stroke or transitent ischemic attack, %810
    peripheral vascular disease, %1315
    chronic obstructive lung disease,67
    tobacco use, %86
Form 2728 Laboratory Data
    mean hematocrit (%)28.628.6
    mean serum albumin (g/dl)3.43.2
    mean serum creatinine (mg/dl)8.88.1
    mean serum blood urea nitrogen (mg/dl)9092
Modality, %
    peritoneal dialysis2713a