Table 5.

Independent variables predictive of percutaneous catheter in final logistic regression model

OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
a Referents were male for gender and black for race and prevalent for incident status.
b For the subset of patients with serum albumin measured by the bromocresol green laboratory method. Factors included in the model but not found to be significant in all patients or in incident or prevalent patients considered separately included age and BMI.
c Multiply by 10 to convert to g/L (SI).
d Multiply by 10 to convert to g/L (SI).
Female gendera1.24 (1.11 to 1.40)1.53 (1.18 to 2.0)1.22 (1.07 to 1.39)
White racea1.14 (1.11 to 1.40)NSNS
Diabetes as cause of ESRDNS0.58 (0.44 to 0.77)NS
Time since dialysis initiation (yr)N/A0.16 (0.08 to 0.32)0.90 (0.88 to 0.92)
Incident status1.53 (1.32 to 1.76)N/AN/A
Serum albuminbc0.50 (0.44 to 0.58)NS0.48 (0.41 to 0.57)
Hemoglobin (g/dl)d0.80 (0.77 to 0.84)0.83 (0.75 to 0.93)0.81 (0.77 to 0.85)