Table 1.

Patient demographics when eCCr was 20 ml/min and before starting dialysisa

235 Patients Including Diabetics184 Patients Excluding Diabetics
Early Start ≥8.3 ml/minLate Start <8.3 ml/minPEarly Start ≥8.0 ml/minLate Start <8.0 ml/minP
a Data are shown for all 235 patients and for 184 patients after those with diabetes are removed. Both groups of patients are split into early and late start groups by the median eCCr at start of dialysis. Mann Whitney U test used in all cases except where indicated.
b Pearson’s χ2.
Number of patients1191169787
Median eCCr at start of dialysis (IQR)10.4 (9.1 to 11.9)6.7 (5.6 to 7.5)9.8 (8.5 to 11.2)6.3 (5.2 to 7.1)
Number of deaths37380.7920290.05
Number of patients with diabetes3912<0.001
Number of subsequent renal transplants28390.0931330.40
First access for hemodialysis
    temporary central venous catheter48573343
    arteriovenous fistula27222316
Patient age (yr)
    when eCCr = 20 ml/min49.153.60.0746.352.00.07
    at start of dialysis50.956.20.0447.855.80.02
Patient weight (kg)
    when eCCr = 20 ml/min76.267.0<0.00173.665.5<0.001
    at start of dialysis74.763.5<0.00172.061.9<0.001
Mode of dialysis
    peritoneal dialysis36290.39b34200.08b
Slope of eCCr (ml/min per mo)−0.72−0.630.50−0.74−0.510.08
Median mean arterial pressure (mmHg)
    when eCCr = 20 ml/min101.3101.90.66103.8100.70.28
    immediately before dialysis105.7101.30.09103.7100.00.22
Comorbidity (Wright/Khan index)
    when eCCr = 20 ml/min
        low risk30683533
        medium risk55685850
        high risk3410<0.001b440.95b
    at start of dialysis
        low risk30383533
        medium risk52655647
        high risk37130.001b670.83b