Table 2.

Baseline demographic characteristics for all patients enrolled in the study

Warfarin n = 56Placebo n = 51
a Among patients on dialysis at time of randomization.
Age, mean (range)65 (20 to 87)66 (28 to 85)
Female gender, n2224
Weight at baseline, kg, mean (range)80 (51 to 180)74 (45 to 152)
History of cardiovascular disease59%63%
Current smoker at time of enrollment34%37%
On antiplatelet therapy at enrollment, n (%)25 (45%)19 (37%)
Underlying renal disease
    polycystic kidney5%2%
Days of dialysis prior to randomization, median (range)a77 (0 to 6188)86 (0 to 1627)
Previous AV graft, n43
Configuration of graft loop79%82%
Baseline laboratory results
    hemoglobin, g/dl (g/L)10.6 (106)10.4 (104)
    platelets (×109/L)209224
    albumin, g/dl (g/L)3.6 (36)3.4 (34)