Table 2.

Incident CKD among African-American and white adults of age 30 to 74 yr, in NHANES IIa

OutcomeAfrican Americans (n = 894)Whites (n = 7664)
No. of EventsIncidence Rates(per 100,000 person-yr)bNo. of EventsIncidence Rates(per 100,000 person-yr)b
a CKD, chronic kidney disease, defined as receipt of renal replacement therapy or death with kidney disease; ESRD, end-stage renal disease.
b Weighted and age-adjusted using the direct method, with the NHANES II African-American and white populations combined as the standard.
c Entry into the Medicare ESRD registry.
d Entry into the Medicare ESRD registry with renal disease attributed to hypertension or diabetes mellitus or death resulting from hypertensive or diabetic renal disease.
e Entry into the Medicare ESRD registry or kidney-related death.
Treated ESRDc12972511
Diabetic or hypertensive CKDd1383287
All-cause CKDe3322213984