Table 3.

Excess risk of CKD among African Americans versus whites in relation to potentially modifiable risk factorsa

Adjusted forRR for African Americans (versus Whites)Excess Risk Explained (%)b
a RR, relative risk. Values in parentheses are 95% confidence intervals. All models were adjusted for age and gender.
b Calculated using the formula (RRage, gender − RRage, gender, factor)/(RRage, gender − 1).
c Sociodemographic factors include poverty status, education, and marital status.
d Lifestyle factors include smoking status, body mass index, alcohol use, and physical activity.
e Clinical factors include diabetes mellitus, hypertension, systolic BP, cardiovascular disease history, and serum cholesterol levels.
f Adjusted for lifestyle, clinical, and sociodemographic variables.
Age and gender only2.69 (1.50 to 4.82)
Sociodemographic factorsc2.49 (1.33 to 4.67)11.8
Lifestyle factorsd2.29 (1.31 to 4.01)23.7
Clinical factorse2.15 (1.18 to 3.92)32.0
All risk groupsf1.95 (1.05 to 3.63)43.8