Table 3.

Mutations tested in the X. laevis oocyte system

SubunitHuman MutationTested in the X. laevis Oocyte as Expression System% of the WTaReference
a WT, wild-type ENaC.
αI68 frameshiftHuman αI68fr ratβ ratγ0.1%138
C133YRat αC158Yβγ71% at 19°C139
13% at 30°C
R492 stopHuman αR492*βγ2%Bonny O, manuscript in preparation
R508 stopHuman αR508*βγ8%42
Rat αL535*βγ13%
S562LRat S589Lβγ<0.1%Gautschi I, Schild L, Kellenberger S, personal communication
βG37SRat αβG37Sγ50%47, 106