Table 4.

Cox proportional hazards analysis of factors predicting mortality in hemodialysis patients after a follow-up period of 36 mo

ParameteraRelative Mortality Ratio95% Confidence IntervalProbability
a CVD, cardiovascular disease; SGNA, subjective global nutritional assessment; CRP, C-reactive protein. χ2 test = 52.3.
b Note that serum albumin was not a predictor of mortality in this analysis.
Age (yr)1.041.01–1.060.0038
Gender (F versus M)2.041.19–3.500.009
CVD versus no CVD2.431.22–4.840.01
SGNA score1.131.01–1.270.034
CRP groups low + middle versus high tertile1.811.04–3.120.034
(serum albumin [g/L])b(0.97)(0.89–1.04)(0.39)