Table 3. Patient characteristics associated with incident hemorrhagic strokea

Adjusted Hazard Ratio (95% CI) (N = 6862, 101 Strokes)P Value
a Adjusted for DMMS study, age, dialysis vintage, smoking history, height, renal replacement modality (time-dependent - hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, or transplant), and prevalent CVD, in addition to the other covariates in this table. Patients with missing covariate values were excluded from the multivariate model.
b There was significant interaction between race and prevalent CVD (P = 0.002).
c Mean BP = (systolic BP + 2*diastolic BP)/3. BP measurements were taken predialysis (for hemodialysis patients) or randomly (for peritoneal dialysis patients).
    among patients without CVD
        black2.19 (1.21–3.99)0.01
        Asian1.11 (0.15–8.45)0.9
        other1.15 (0.33–4.02)0.8
    among patients with CVD
        black0.52 (0.24–1.10)0.09
        Asian0.96 (0.13–7.29)0.97
        other2.59 (1.03–6.53)0.04
Markers of malnutrition
    undernourished1.76 (0.98–3.18)0.06
    serum albumin (per 1 g/dl decrease)1.31 (0.79–2.18)0.3
    weight (25% relative increase)1.19 (0.96–1.48)0.1
Mean BP (10 mmHg increase)c1.32 (1.15–1.53)<0.001
Gender (female versus male)0.58 (0.35–0.96)0.03
Renal disease
    primary GNReferent
    hypertension1.83 (0.84–4.01)0.13
    diabetes1.84 (0.84–4.09)0.13
    PKD2.55 (0.94–6.86)0.07
    other1.97 (0.84–4.61)0.12