Table 4. Multivariate analysis of predictors of vertebral bone mineral densitya

BConfidence IndexP Value
a BMD, bone mineral density. Covariates used in the multivariate analysis were those significant on univariate analysis, which included pamidronate use, serum creatinine at 6 mo, BSAP at 6 mo, vitamin D 25 at 6 mo, and race.
BMD6 mo
    pamidronate0.1490.030, 0.2680.016
    vitamin D 25OH−0.0086−0.017, 0.0000.043
    BSAP6−0.0016−0.003, 0.0000.030
% change BMD6 mo
    pamidronate0.0400.005, 0.1250.042
% change BMD12 mo
    pamidronate0.0510.013, 0.0880.009
    race0.0330.011, 0.0540.003